Died after the warranty return date. What were they thinking providing only 1 USB port on a port replicator? So definitely an docks issue not cable, not AV receiver So Lenovo was unable to fix this issue in few years. Been doing more research on the port replicator DVI output and driving monitors at higher resolutions. Tue Dec 21, 2:

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I would have liked it even better if it had been black and white and grainy like those instructional classroom videos from the 50’s.

Lenovo ThinkPad Workstation Dock – port replicator

Of these three, the only one I care about is the power source but it seems MUCH cheaper to just buy rhinkpad separate power source for the Thinkpad and leave it permanently attached to the port replicator. The IBM thinkpad port replicator site doesn’t actually have any pictures of either of them in use so it’s hard to figure out.

Maybe get thinkpad port replicator CRT instead, if that works for you. Lenovo Thinkpad port replicator Ultra Dock – port replicator is rated 2. Am I correct in assuming that I can use this monitor just fine with the Thinkpad Port Replicator with the laptop lid closed? Somewhere between Marysville and Tumwater Registered: Other docking stations allow me to quickly find that ‘sweet spot’ to properly dock it; this one leaves me floundering for several seconds trying to find it. I was just going by what the description on the IBM accessories site said.


Lenovo ThinkPad Ultra Dock – port replicator

Message Maximum characters. Don’t make the same mistake, don’t buy this dock. Also, I understand that you must use the USB ports alongside the laptop if you are using more thinkpad port replicator one peripheral.

Mon Dec 20, 5: Connected to power but no lights on. When I do push the machine in, the plastic flap on the thinkpad port replicator seems to crack, and the knobs on the surface of the dock don’t slide into the grooves on the underside of the laptop.

I got her goin’ — found this helpful movie at the IBM Website: The new reolicator wasted me whole day and it is very frustrating. From what I can discern, the T42p should have thinkpad port replicator problem driving this thinkpad port replicator through a DVI cable without any additional video cards. Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. How does the port replicator work?

I know this is a big deal on televisions but I’m not so sure when it comes to computers. You might have to upgrade to a thinkpad port replicator KVM to end up being thinkpad port replicator to do what you want. A docking station is a must for using multiple monitors and peripheral devices. erplicator

In other words, does one actually gain a completely digital monitor connection when using the DVI port on the port replicator, or is it a converted analog signal?

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I had to undock the laptop, liftup thinkpad port replicator lid, log on, thinkpad port replicator re-dock it. I know the dock does, as we have about five of them that I support at my office. One for work and the other for the home office. Feb 19, Thinkpad port replicator I’ve not had the opporunity to work with the newer docking stations first hand, simply because nobody ever brings in the docking station when they get their notebook serviced.

I’m trying to figure out whether I need a docking station or port replicator for what I want to do with a new T42p. Any thoughts are welcome.

ThinkPad Port Replicator II – ThinkWiki

It provides all of the functionality I need with the addition ports for displays sndvUSB devises. The DVI controller chip, just like the serial controller, is physically inside the laptop, but there is no thinkpad port replicator port. Very disappointing for a price.

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