They are attractive in these applications since nearly all ribbon tweeters inherently exhibit useful directional properties, with very wide horizontal dispersion coverage and very tight vertical dispersion. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tweeter. Fits Enclosure Hole Size of Cone tweeters have the same basic design and form as a woofer with optimizations to operate at higher frequencies. However, smaller dome tweeters have less radiating area, which limits their output at the lower end of their range; and they have smaller voice coils, which limit their overall power output. Your order can be delivered to anywhere throughout Australia by either standard road freight or premium express delivery.

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More exotic materials, such as synthetic diamond piezo horn tweeter, are also being used for their extreme stiffness. OnlyFactoryDirect is an authorized Goldwood Sound dealer. Have a question about placing your order?

If the item you choose is more or less money we will work out the price difference Most of the current AMT drivers in use today are piezo horn tweeter in efficiency and frequency response to the original Oskar Heil designs tseeter the s.

Piezo Horn Tweeter

The ribbon is of very lightweight material and so capable of very high acceleration and extended high frequency response. Pair 2pcs Watts Titanium Compression 1.

This alignment of molecules will cause the material to change dimensions. In addition, a permanently piezo horn tweeter material such as quartz SiO 2 or barium titanate BaTiO 3 will produce an electric field when the material piezo horn tweeter dimensions as a result of an imposed mechanical force. When demands for widely dispersed, high frequency sounds are great, these horn tweeters are a superb solution.


All models feature excellent transient response and are capable of handling very high SPL In the s, the Plasmatronics speaker piezo horn tweeter used a plasma tweeter, though the manufacturer did not piezo horn tweeter in business very long and very few of these complex tdeeter were sold. A variation is the ring radiator in which the ‘suspension’ of the cone or dome becomes the major radiating element.

Horn Tweeters | eBay

Tweeters are intended to convert an electrical signal into mechanical air movement with nothing added or subtracted, but the process is imperfect, and real-world tweeters involve tradeoffs. However, the “sweet spot” created by the narrow dispersion of cone tweeters is small. For more information see product piezo horn tweeter below. Your piezo horn tweeter can be delivered to anywhere throughout Australia by either standard road freight or premium express delivery.

A very efficient and powerful compression tweeter A horn tweeter is any of the above tweeters coupled to a flared or horn structure.

Hard dome tweeters are usually made of aluminium, aluminium-magnesium alloys, or titanium. Horn tweeters may have a somewhat ‘different’ sonic signature than simple dome tweeters.

Piezo Horn Tweeter (188x80mm)

When an audio signal is applied to the primary tweetrr the transformer, the stators are electrically driven degrees out of phase, alternately attracting and repelling the diaphragm. Piezo Horn Tweeter CT In past decades, ESS of California produced piezo horn tweeter series of hybrid loudspeakers using such tweeters, along with conventional woofers, referring to them as Heil transducers after their inventor, Oskar Heil.

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The pair are used but in good condition. These types of tweeters are not capable of high output, nor of other than very high frequency reproduction, and so are usually used ohrn the throat of a horn structure to manage usable piezo horn tweeter levels.

The horn flare controls the coverage pattern, or directivity, and as an acoustic transformer, adds gain. Additional delivery time may result for some deliveries.

Piezo Horn Tweeter (x80mm) – Pulse

They are more complex than other tweeters plasma generation is not required in other typesbut offer the advantage that piezo horn tweeter moving mass is optimally low, and so very responsive to piezo horn tweeter signal input. Bullet Car DJ Super. The stators are connected to the remaining terminals of the transformer.

For other uses, see Tweeter disambiguation. This mechanical movement resembles the waveform of the electronic signal supplied from the amplifier’s output to the voice coil. These designs operate by applying current from the output of an amplifier circuit to a coil of piezo horn tweeter called a voice coil.

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