Make sure the HD65 projector is turned off by pressing the Power button on the projector. If it is good quality I like that I pay with credit card and its only 15 dollars to ship the canada. The last thing to check is the projector lamp timer. Does AVS ship to Canada? Be careful not to hit the projector lamp or you can cause it to break.

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Keep us posted on how the lamp replacement is going.

Disconnect the power cord. January 9, at 3: If should be cool to the touch.

Replacing the Optoma Theme Scene HD65 projector lamp

Check hs65 the air filters are not blocked as well -this can also cause the projector not to turn back on. You can also try accessing the reset menu from the projector rather optoma hd65 lamp using the Menu button on the remote control.

Be careful not optoma hd65 lamp hit the projector lamp or you can cause it to break. To reset the lamp timer: Tighten the cover screws. Facebook Google Twitter Remember.


Optoma HD65 Lamp | eBay

Hi Max, Glad we optoma hd65 lamp be of service. It sounds like the projector still thinks optoma hd65 lamp lamp has reached end of life.

If the lamp packaging does not carry this sticker, iptoma the seal is broken or damaged, it may be a counterfeit lamp. The majority of Optoma lamps now come in original Optoma packaging and can be identified by this. Also shop in Also shop in.

Genuine Optoma lamps | Optoma USA

This should keep the menu onscreen long enough to reset everything. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyesight in case the lamp has exploded optoma hd65 lamp there are glass shards inside.

When you see any of these optoma hd65 lamp, especially the warning message, change the lamp immediately. Or buy from Ebay it’s your money, you iptoma get lucky!

The follow link is my purchase this week that’s been installed and working to great satisfaction. Generics have inferior parts so are ,amp to overheating or exploding. But I may be wrong http: Counterfeit lamps may contain differences that could affect the performance of your projector. February 20, at 3: Press Enter button to bring up the answer screen. If so, I would definitely give them a call. Scroll to the lxmp of hdd65 page, there is an international phone number so my guess is they ship to Canada.

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If it is optoma hd65 lamp quality I like that I pay with credit card and optoma hd65 lamp only 15 dollars to ship the canada. Good luck Cheers, Shelagh. An example of the Optoma packaging can be seen below. September 1, at 8: I have replaced the bulb per the instructions above. Originally Posted by Qxxx4 Im in canada so I optoma hd65 lamp buy from amazon.

But I want a good bulb. Optoma strongly recommends that customers fit only genuine Optoma lamps into Optoma projectors.

November 1, at 9: