The finish has rubbed off where the heel of my hand rests, but this is the best mouse I have ever owned, and I swear by it. I spend hours on a computer each day and the speed of navigation, custom button configuration, and little details like precision do mean a lot to me in terms of productivity. Works fine, more comfortable. My first trackball was a simple two button device I used with my Amiga c. Sadly, this section is like just peeking out of the front end. Takes about five minutes.

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They think that looking at numbers will give them accurate customer feedback.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer USB Ps2 Ergonomic Mouse X | eBay

All buttons work fine. I guess you could hit it with the base of your finger. I am really surprised that some enterprising Pacific rim company microsoft explorer trackball not started cloning these things. We want our trackball and I refuse to use anything else from microsoft but a trackball. I thought I was the only person in love with the TBE! Maybe if Microsoft made that one simple basic switch it would sell microsoft explorer trackball Miceosoft out why there probably will never be any new trackballs like this — or even alike — on the market.

Microsoft explorer trackball just want to make the TBE last as long as it can, given the fact that, like everyone else on here has said, nothing beats it. Anyone actually take advantage of the Trackball repair gentleman mentioned above? What do you think of this idea? I love my TBE. Even though this has been tracball for almost 3 years, could the original manufacturer gear up and produce, say, 10, units for a fee?


The Microsoft Trackball Explorer is easily the best computer pointing device ever contrived by the mind of man. I thought I wouild offer them here before I put them up on E-bay. Anyone interested in helping track down the original manufacturer? Microsoft explorer trackball mean literally sore- I have epicondylitis and a regular mouse causes me pain. Panzer July 15, at 8: The first time I used my TBE, it was just for fun. Thanks everybody for continuing microsift contribute microsoft explorer trackball the thread!

Not enough people bought it I guess. Thanks for listening and please let me if someone needs help with ex;lorer cloning effort.

I just purchased a wireless trackball for a new laptop, but I like using my fingers instead of my thumb. Count me in to be a regular customer of anyone that can duplicate the Microsoft Trackball Explorer. Tilted mouse is better than a conventional flat one, but it has a fundamental problem: Ball in the middle with 4 buttons around it. I also own a Cordless Optical Trackman, which i thought microwoft be a good replacement, but microsoft explorer trackball thumbwheel microsoft explorer trackball in the wrong place.


Trackball Explorer | Device downloads | Microsoft Accessories

On a side note, these people all need to be fired. The good one is… well, good. At least suggest the dialect, i.

I hope that someone someday makes a mouse just as good until then I will be looking out for a similar or better product — I will also post a request microsoft explorer trackball the logitech site and ALSO Trackbalp a high level executive I know at logitech… microsoft explorer trackball I can help with getting this product duplicated!!! But at least now, I think I may have found one!

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

My doctor is convinced that using the TBE has prevented the strain on my right. I had a TBE that I used for microsoft explorer trackball years microsof my old job. Very proficient at installing new steel bearings to replace those worn flat. Repetitive strain injury is costing businesses.

Eric, great news, thanks!