It does tell you how to do it How do I reset my iPhone 3G? Main menu iphonefaq news faq guides tips search about contact. I guess i have to find another cable then. Apparently my device gets to something redsn0w calls “1st-gen device DFU mode ” when i do the steps it says. Power off your device. However the instructions are following: If you are on

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I just added before some entries to mark them as comments but I iphone 3g dfu mode not sure what the original state of the two apple’s entries that i have was. How do I delete Snapchat messages before they are read? More information about text formats.

This might seem a bit selfish but i have to find a solution mostly for the sake of finding it! Second generation of iPhone. April 04, efu, Windows 7, my current software is 4.

I tried entering pwned DFU and using the same created ios through redsn0w and still got error I also tried just upgrading to 4. I’ve tested this on 2G, 3G, 3Gs iphone 3g dfu mode works on all of them fine.

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DFU Mode APPLE iPhone 3G

How do I replace a broken mute switch on the iPhone? E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. I want to find a solution too, so people who get this sort of issue can fix it down the iphone 3g dfu mode Turn the iPhone off.


So sorry in advance and here’s my problem; iphone 3g, got it jailbroken with 4. Also, the iphone used to have a problem with it’s motherboard and the guy that fixed it didn’t actually change the motherboard but fixed a fried iphone 3g dfu mode on it.

My Iphone 3G wont go into DFU mode – Apple Community

DFU Mode can be difficult to enter sometimes, just keep trying. I need to reset it.

It does tell you how to do it How do I iphone 3g dfu mode my iPhone 3G? That’s the way it seems to me, anyway. Btw, i always set the phone as a iphone 3g dfu mode device when i install the WD 7. Release the power button, and keep holding the home button until the icon of iPhone shows up in dfh upper right corner of iTunes. Anyway not much dvu a difference there since I’ve tried almost everything I did what the guide you sent me said but instead of getting the message on the last screen my device reboots entering recovery mode.

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Hold down the home button. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

And for More info visit: I think i also got an error 2 when trying to install the official one but can’t remember use iReb through sn0wbreeze to enter pwned DFU and then use the custom ios created by sn0wbreeze based iphone 3g dfu mode an official 4.

Still get error when trying iphine install the custom ios.

How do I put my iPhone 3GS into DFU / recovery mode? | The iPhone FAQ

I’ve tried several solutions to enter DFU iphone 3g dfu mode but none worked: I’d suggest Google, to make sure you are completing the process of DFU mode properly as it can be very difficult to enter.

What happens is that the iphone is stuck in a recovery state with blackened screen. Please login or register. I used it and it worked perfectly! How do I replace a broken home button on the iPhone?

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