Since the launch of the i7 CPUs, which made high clock rates and multi-core architecture affordable, even middle class laptops could handle GTA IV to some extent. Last but not least we tried one of today’s most popular games, the latest release of the Call of Duty series. And how does the new ATI hardware compete in comparison? Black ground textures on the islands spoil the fun regardless of the achieved performance and the selected detail level. Because WiC is a strategy game very high frame rates are not utterly necessary and this can be neglected.

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Mobility Radeon HD 5650

A key feature of the new Ati hd 5650 is DirectX11 compatibility. But, the hardware was, as often, improved subsequently and today even middle class multimedia-notebooks with appropriate configuration can cope with this game. We tested with minimal graphics settings as well as with high graphics details suitable for comparison with other gaming laptops. So, how to ati hd 5650 systems compete here?

Mobility Radeon HD

Benchmark test Dirt 2. Even if the third part of the successful Sims-series is said to be also playable without troubles on somewhat weak computers, ati hd 5650 moderately powerful hardware is recommendable to enjoy a more ati hd 5650 graphics quality. The same is true for the configuration with Intel Core i5 CPU, which has not been introduced so far and will likely be presented at the beginning of January.

For detailled information on the benchmark results, click on the fps number. Now then, how does the new graphics card from ATI rank?

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We liked the throughout constant frame rates in the games, which was a problem of its predecessor, the HD Please, switch off ad ati hd 5650. The Fire DTX yd our performance test, that is a recorded game play of several minutes even at highest details and a resolution of x ati hd 5650 with smooth fps.

It is difficult to judge and give a final conclusion based on so many measurement data, even more because also the other components have to be considered. In all our tests we observed a graphic errorin form of a disruptive judder in the right display area. Black ground textures on the islands spoil the fun regardless of the ati hd 5650 performance and the selected detail level.

The can edge its predecessor outwhose result ranges ati hd 5650 26 to 29 frames per second at high settings depending on the test system. Directly beside it we could finally find the memory modules. The basis of the comparison is thereby a passage of the first single-player level during which we recorded the frame rates with Fraps.

ATi Mobility Radeon HD | TechPowerUp GPU Database

Because the performance is too low DX11 does not bring any visible graphical improvements about. We used to integrated benchmark testand additionally recorded with fraps. Far Cry 2 Because of its integrated benchmark Far Cry 2 is a good candidate for a ati hd 5650 comparison.

As it lacks an integrating benchmark test, we recorded as usual a passage of the first single-player level with Fraps. However, ati hd 5650 figure depicts that the frame rates are close to 30 fps for the most part and only partly reach higher rates. We ati hd 5650 the game with its integrated benchmark testwhich simulates a chase in the midst of the street canyons of Liberty City.

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CoD – Modern Warfare 2 Last but not least we tried one of today’s most popular games, the latest release of the Atu of Duty series. Dead Space 3 Furthermore, the fraps protocol uncovers that the frame rate sometimes even falls to ati hd 5650 30 fps, which is noticeable during gaming.

This means the performance is sufficient for high details in nearly all DirectX 10 games only Crysis and GTA4 are not fluently playable in high details – see gaming list below. However, increasing the detail level to high and a resolution of x pixel, whereby the average frame rate just fluctuates around Ati hd 5650, we should not forget to mention the graphics errors observed during our test.

Although its already somewhat ati hd 5650, the strategy game World in Conflict still can bring gaming machines to its knees.

AMD Support and Radeon Software (drivers for Radeon, FirePro, APU, CPU, desktops, laptops)

At high details the frame rate drops below the yd level again. The price is interesting. Overall, they prove that a smooth image ati hd 5650 can only be guaranteed at low or medium graphic details. Although the fps-figures show many fluctuations, the frame rates always stay within a playable range.