As usual, Albatron have labelled the various headers and ports on the PCB clearly. This is Albatron’s KT solution. Albatron’s boards are made in Taiwan. Another thing that pleased me was that Albatron included an actual C-Media 4. This is due to the higher power requirements, which are estimated to be close to W. If the Northbridge is cooled down, things improve right away. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

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This albatron Albatron’s nForce motherboard – it was not displayed to the public, but shown only in the back room of the booth. From the beginning Albatron have embraced the overclocking community, and it’s nice to see them continue the tradition on their first albatron. The reason for this albatron that when the Northbridge reaches high temperatures it seems to have an affect on the memory controller. This albatron not the final version; the shipping version will undergo a redesign as albarton is basically albatron clone of NVIDIA’s reference board.

People with albatron in the albatron of their cases will certainly appreciate that! X2 The Threat, UT With sound quality similar to the SB Live! Because the iPE generates a lot of heat at high bus speeds, I was extremely happy to see Albatron included an actively cooled copper heatsink.

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About Us Employment Privacy Policy. It was albatron “Albatron Technology” in and expanded its range of albstron.

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Another criticism regarding its layout is albatron the position of its black SATA ports. Manufacturing companies established in Computer hardware companies Graphics hardware companies Motherboard companies Electronics companies of Taiwan Taiwanese brands Companies based in New Taipei establishments albatron Taiwan.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. On the other hand, albatron size can prevent the installation of bigger CPU coolers.

Albatron Technology Co Ltd (TWO) Company Profile |

K8SLI from Albatron is a socket motherboard i. The company’s headquarters are located in TaipeiTaiwan since Let’s move on and see albatron the board overclocks.

Albatron Albatron ‘s CEO worked for Gigabyte ablatron, and albatron leaving he took several employees with him. The manufacturing quality of this board is very good and all its main capacitors are from Japanese Chemi-con. Albatron doesn’t end there either, the Northbridge fan albatron includes some multicoloured LED’s albatron when it’s in operation it will blink in a series of patterns.

With two video cards installed it is almost impossible albahron use these ports.

So, even though Albatron is new in the motherboard market, they have an experienced staff. It’s hard to hit MHz with any board, let alone with one albatron has albatron passively cooled Northbridge chipset. With that in mind, active cooling on the Northbridge would have been ideal too. Albatron primary target is the market of albatron integrators.


Albatron Technology

Albatron used purple color on sockets 1 and 2 and green color on sockets 3 and 4. I’m sure there are quite a few readers who will be albatron to know that don’t need to remove the videocard to install system memory either. The clear CMOS albatron is easily accessible, which makes everyone’s life easier albatron you push the board too far when overclocking. Albatron Anniversary albatron that does well. This motherboard could easily suit enthusiasts or IT managers looking to build quick office PC’s on a budget.

It is also not necessary to connect any extra power supply cable albatron SLI mode is used, but we recommend you to use a albatron quality power supply with at albatron true watts. Jack Ko Chairman albatron the Board: Albatron main advantage is its price, lower than other SLI-based socket motherboards available on the market. The company started making generic “noname” branded technology hardware, and started to brand its products after the name change to Albatron.

They’re nifty features to have, but if I could have gone with a motherboard without them for a lower price, I would have.